French Classes

french i

Selah French gives High School students the basics of the French language through vocabulary, grammar, daily speaking time and interactive class activities in order to keep it as a “living” language among its new young speakers. 

French I

Covers basic vocabulary, sentence formation and the Present, Passe Compose, and Future Proche verb tenses. Students will use French I by BJU Press. (Mondays 12pm to 1pm, taught by Michelle Murray). 

French II

Covers more vocabulary, complicated sentence patterns and all remaining verb tenses. Students will use French II by BJU Press. (Not Offered 2016-2017). 

French III

Reviews grammar and vocab from French I and II and adds more with an emphasis on practical application through conversation, writing and French media (available on special request)


French Games

This class is meant for all ages and teaches French vocab and basic sentence structure through games and activities. (Mondays 1pm to 2 pm, taught by Michelle Murray).